The Real Grace design team adore our jersey fabric and we think it superior to other jerseys we see and feel. Despite this love for our soft and practical knitted fabric we know that our real Grace woman cannot dress with jersey alone.

We want even more luxury and some textural contrast; something pretty and shiny? Silk; what else could be better?

Real Grace is all about ethics and sustainability so have looked at the silk manufacturing process. There’s no hiding from the fact that the silk worm is killed by the thousand (about one thousand for one silk shirt). Okay so they’re only worms but if Real Grace is an ethical brand we really are ethical and this includes respect for the humble silk worm too. There is such a cloth as Peace Silk where the worms are treated better, mmm sorry not convinced about this but you make up your own mind.

We heard about bamboo silk which is as it sounds, silk made from bamboo; no worms no pesticide. Real Grace sampled this clever cloth and it was pretty well love at first stitch with it’s luxury appearance and handle. Great news for all of though, it is so much easier to wash and iron than traditional silk!

We’re adding gorgeous bamboo silk items to our new range which is coming online soon, including wraps, scarves, a collar and a skirt.

The image from the Ecoluxe catwalk earlier this year gives you a sneak preview of  Grace’s lime bamboo silk wrap/large scarf and the red bamboo silk skirt. The collar is available online in accessories